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Can you Imagine a New

You in a Slim, Youthful body

living a long, healthy and happy life

surrounded by beauty?  


Start by imagining that there is an affordable way to have a trusted coach, with a lot of experience and deep knowledge of the latest technologies. She is helping you make a practical, 10-step plan to achieve your personal goals (link to individual program). Your coach gives you inspiration, motivation and gentle reminders to stay on track till all your goals have been reached.

You are receiving the same treatments as Hollywood stars and see the fat quickly melting away. Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments are dissolving the stubborn cellulite pockets. As a final touch, the “Freeze the Fat” method, featured by Dr Oz on US national television, removes all fat deposits from your inner thighs, arms and waist.

Your skin is becoming tighter, gradually adapting to your slimmer shape. Rejuvenating treatments push through plant extracts, vitamins, and other proprietary ingredients that tighten your skin and improve its elasticity. On the superficial layers, Radio Frequency treatments keep on reducing the sagging of skin and improving the appearance of cellulite. You see visible results from the first treatment and the improvements continue until all problems have been eliminated.

Cleansing treatments condition the circulatory and lymphatic systems to excrete the fat that has been dissolved by the various lipo treatments. You are balancing your hormones the same methods as Suzanne Somers and are enjoying high energy levels, a sense of well-being and a faster metabolism. TCM treatments and other techniques have dissolved the muscular armoring that had been caused by years of stress, bad posture and emotional traumas. Now, your body feels limber, healthier and free of pain.

You are living a healthy lifestyle knowing that this new shape is permanently yours. You have learned how to program your subconscious with a success oriented, fun loving mindset so all this happened effortlessly without diets, forced exercise or any sense of deprivation.


All the Participants in our

Fat-Loss-Fitness™ System

will have a permanent side effect.

They will




Book a free session and have this reality manifest in your life. Our system will give you immediate results and cover every aspect of a healthy, happy lifestyle.


The 10-Step FTF™ System

Individual Program
Some people only need a quick inch loss in a specific part of their body, others want touch ups in their skin while others may require a coach to guide them through a lifestyle change. Each one of our participants starts by designin an individualizedprogram with the help of an experienced coach.

Coaching is critical to success because it …

… helps you correctly define specific objectives for input into the Mindset Autopilot™

… guides to the most effective tools and methods

… helps you design programs that are fun and practical to follow easily

… gives you gentle reminders to stay on track

… warns about upcoming plateaus or pitfalls

… inspires and motivates you to keep on succeeding till the final goal is reached

Fat Slimming
Within the first week of treatments, both your skin and body will be ready to start pumping out large fat deposits at a very quick rate using our healthy, non-invasive FLF system. The first such treatment is Slimfat™. It uses photochemical laser technology to reduce the size of the fat cells by 75% and bring them to their original healthy condition. In addition to Slimfat™ , the VIR™ treatments use Vacuum and Infrared to stimulate the excretions of fat remnants at the same time that Radio Frequency (RF) is tightening the skin to optimize the appearance of inch loss. Cellulite Removal Leaving nothing to chance, the SilkSkin-i™treatments use Ultrasonic Cavitation to dissolve surface fat that has formed stubborn cellulite pockets close to the epidermis. Such cellulite formations are not as efficiently affected by theSlimfat™ treatments that have a deeper reach.

Spot Fat Loss
As your body will begin to reach perfection, you may find that there are some persistent fat deposits that remain in areas such as the inner thighs, arms or waist. Celebrated by Dr Oz and the international media as “Freeze the Fat” method, our own Spot Freeze treatments provide the final touches to the elimination of fat from specific spots. Because the “Freeze the Fat” method kills the fat cells rather than recondition them, we reserved for use only on specific spots that remain visible after most of the weight loss objectives have been achieved.

Youthful Skin
The main focus of our Fat-Loss-Fitness™ System is to maintain a tight body and youthful skin. This is the most challenging goal in any weight loss program. Non-invasive Trans-Cell rejuvenation treatments carry into the subcutaneous tissue plant extracts, vitamins, and other proprietary ingredients that target fat cells and induce lipolysis. Our specific massage protocol andSilkSkin-i™Radio Frequency (RF) work on the superficial layers of the skin and give elasticity to saggy skin, improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite until they are eliminated.

Cleanse & Detox
The Transfor™ FLF™ System will cause drastic fat reduction that will be processed through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. To maximize the effectiveness of the overall program, we use our Circ-Lymph and Kradaz treatments along with an individualized detox regiment. This process will not only allow for the quick excretion of fat, cellulite and toxins but will also give you the feeling of energized well being that is a critical motivating factor to staying focused on the final objectives that have been programmed in your Mindset Autopilot™.

Faster Metabolism
By now, that your fat loss has kicked into high gear, you are ready to condition your endocrine system for maintaining the amazing results that you are beginning to achieve. Our Individualized Herbal Hormonal Balancing regiments (IHHB™) follow time tested ancient recipes of TCM and Ayurveda that resolve thyroid issues and stimulate a fast metabolism to process food as energy and not store it as fat.

Armoring Release
Stress, bad posture, customary movements, work habits and emotional traumas cause the muscular structure to clench into positions that form an invisible Armor causing a reduction in energy levels and well being and wreak havoc to our emotional states. Armoring may also cause a variety of pains and often harm critical organs. Our Armoring Release Regiments and Exercises (ARRAE™) use Yoga, Breathing, Rolfing and Acupressure Massage to dissolve Armoring and restore the body in its natural healthy state.

Success Mindset
Statistics show that more than 80% of people who lose weight regain it within two years. Most people can’t live for ever a lifestyle that forces them to do and/or eat things that they don’t like. Failure is certain if an individual has to break years of bad habits by making a decision each time that he has to make choices about a food craving or going to a movie versus a dance. Our clients, with the help of their coach, design their Mindset Autopilot™ programs at the beginning of their programs and anchor into their subconscious minds, specifically formulated commands that automatically replace the “bad” habits and though patterns with “good” ones. The Mindset Autopilot™ Program ensures that all the changes are permanently forged into a fun and healthy lifestyle because it eliminates the struggles and deprivation that is inherent to quitting bad habits.


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