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You’ll be surprised to find out
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Get back your youthful body and keep it.
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We combined emerging technologies
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Your caring TransforMedSpa Life Coach
will make your individualized program
fun, practical and easy to follow.
When your friends, relatives and co-workers
see your incredible transformation,
they’ll follow your example and
that’s how we measure our success.

Lifestyle is the major determinant of fitness. Improving all aspects of your personal fitness and beauty is the best motivator for:

 … finding pleasure in being active without the drudgery of imposed exercise
 … enjoying the right foods without deprivation and
 … keeping the success mindset of feeling good about yourself.

We have designed a holistic system that’ll reboot yourself into a state of Fitness, Beauty and Well-being. The Transfor Med Spa™ has developed the proprietary FLF™ System to quickly boost your energy levels and improve all aspects of your appearance.Youth is not all about appearance or even age. Being out of shape causes excessive cell degeneration and hormonal imbalances that will make even young people look and feel old. The good news is that our holistic system implements the latest solutions for all of the above problems.Radiant are individuals who look good, feel good and exude positive energy. Individuals with such attitude and disposition create pleasurable life styles that keep them young and fit. Our system helps mold such positive attitudes by making quick and drastic changes in appearance while also reformatting the brain to abandon the old habits and thinking patterns that contributed to the fitness and weight problem.Slim seems to be a major concern for many people. For many people, losing fat quickly is now a relatively simple matter. They just stop eating for a few days or take some hard hitting weight loss supplements. But their problem is to keep the weight off and avoid the yo-yo effect that is the rule than the exception. It is much easier for people who feel successful and energetic to achieve permanent weight loss.Tight skin is a much more complicated issue that represents the pinnacle of our success. High end equipment and science alone are not as effective as our holistic system that incorporates much more. Our latest technology slimming and skin conditioning equipment are combined with time tested massage techniques and products that have been designed to penetrate the skin so it can be easily repaired. The above aspects are coordinated in an individualized program that maximizes the benefits delivered to each client.

Twenty five years ago, we were the first franchise to introduce electronic devices to the toning and weight loss industry and we have since continued pioneering the latest products and equipment. Our world wide network of scientists, physicians, herbalists and energy healers continuously provides us with the latest discoveries.




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