Top 7 Weight Loss Methods without Diet or Exercise

  • 22nd September 201322/09/13
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When it comes to weight loss, there is no single best treatment that fit everyones needs. For some, a simple diet change will be enough, but others will need professional assistance and counseling with various treatments in order to achieve fast and permanent weight loss. The best strategy would be to follow an individualized program designed to fit your specific needs.

1. The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is the selection of the right coach to help you make a practical plan that will be easy to follow so you can achieve permanent weight loss.

2. Radio Frequency is one of the best technologies used to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce cellulite. There are many variations designed for different treatments but we have selected this treatment as the number one technology because it delivers the best overall effects on both skin and cellulite. The downside is that the effects will take more time to become noticeable if we compare this to other treatments. Choosing the right practitioner is also crucial. In the hands of an expertly trained practitioner this technology will deliver excellent results, but in the wrong hands it may turn out to be nearly useless for long lasting results.

3. For those who are seeking gradual but long lasting results Laserlipolysis could be the best choice, especially when combined with other treatments. Expert massage, activating creams and the appropriate skin treatment protocol, will deliver excellent and permanent results.

4. The best method to get results with only one to three treatments per area is Cryolipolysis.

Unfortunately, it takes at least 2 months to see results and it is one of the most invasive techniques. Also, it can be an uncomfortable experience, since it may cause bruises and could have unknown side effects. Depending on the amount of weight, this procedure can be costly. A final problem is that this method alone does not solve the problem of loose skin following the weight loss.

5. Hormonal balancing is a key element when restoring the body’s normal metabolic rates. This is done in order to assure that the food you ingest will be efficiently consumed as energy and will not be stored as fat.

6. After the body is balanced, we must turn our attention to the mind. Some individuals may suffer from deeply rooted psychological issues that can sabotage the weight loss process. These issues can be solved with emerging Counseling treatments like Hypnosis and NLP.

7. Finally, Ultrasonic Cavitation is a technology that has a lot in common with Radio Frequency. The major difference is that it tends to penetrate a few millimeters deeper into the skin. It targets the surface fat, smoothing it out. Radio Frequency is more effective on the appearance of the skin. Again, the right practitioner is the key determinant of success with ultrasonic cavitation.

The Transfor Med Spa system begins with an individualized plan that is coordinated by an experience life coach who discusses with the client the most appropriate plan to bring quick and permanent solutions to any set of problems.

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